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5 ways to improve your incentive

Want to get more from your incentive and therefore your sales staff? We've put together a list of 5 ways you could improve your incentive.

Posted 19th June 2018 Read more

Setup your World Cup Incentive

With the world Cup just around the corner, you might think it's too late to get your incentive up and running. Motivate your sales team throughout the World Cup and create your incentive today, you'll be up and running in no time.

Posted 2nd June 2018 Read more

Create and manage multiple teams

So you've created your first team and invited your members? Great! But what if you want to create another team just for the Managers? And how do you switch between your teams easily?

Posted 3rd May 2018 Read more

Add team members to your incentive

Before adding members to your incentive, you'll need to make sure they're on your team first...

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Adding members to your team

First make sure you're on the correct team you wish to add members to. You can do this easily by looking at what team name is displayed in the top bar. Simply click on your team name in the top navigation...

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